When Should You Buy a Snow Thrower?

We all agree that the best time for you to buy a snow thrower is right before the snow hits. However, because you need to get value for money, the issue isn’t before it snows but how long before it starts to snow.

Late spring or winter sales usually bring the lowest prices because the dealer wishes to sell off the leftover stock. The bad thing is if you wait for this time, you have such a limited number of models to choose from that you most likely end up with a snow thrower that won’t add any value to your winter.

The Issue of Warranty

Do you know that the warranty that you are granted expires with time? If you buy a snow thrower in February and then keep it in store till December, you lose at least 70 percent of the warranty that you were offered. If midway in the winter season you discover that the machine has a fault, you find that the warranty has expired. There start the expenses that you have to pay right out of your pocket.

You Miss Out on Advances in Technology

It doesn’t take a century for changes to be made to an existing model; it might be just a matter of hours. Buying a snow thrower way before winter sets in keeps you far away from the advances that come with being patient. The model that you access at this moment has a better performance as compare to a model that you bought six months down the line. The model might even be cheaper.

What You need to Do

Before you buy the snow thrower from Snow Shifts, you need to look at the units available to educate yourself regarding he different models and the pros and cons of each unit. Next, talk to neighbors and friends about your plan and know what they have to say regarding your choice.

Next, you can scour the internet to understand what new models would be coming out soon, and the differences in terms of features and prices. You can get a comparison chart to narrow down to the best thrower for you. Make the purchase sometime in mid September so that you are ready when the first snow hits town.

In Closing

You need to know the right time to buy the snow thrower so that you don’t end up with unfulfilled warranties and missing out on advances in technology.