Understanding Anxiety Disorders: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Anxiety is common and universal, it is not restricted to age or race and it occurs at all levels of life. Many people might live in denial of the intensity of their anxiety until it becomes too much. When you are anxious, even the people around you suffer.

The Nature of the Condition

Anxiety refers to a mental tension that expresses itself in a lot of worries, irritability, and uneasiness. This results from the sense of uncertainty about impending events as well as the inability to handle a certain state of affairs the way it needs to be handled.

Anxiety can be simple or neurotic. Simple anxiety is temporary emotional tension that most people experience towards life situations and struggles. On the other hand, neurosis is an emotional disturbance that pervades your whole personality. Some of the anxiety results in hostility, phobia, hysteria and chronic depression.

The nature of anxiety remains constant; the only difference is the intensity and degree of the anxiety that differs.

Effects of Anxiety

The costs of dealing with anxiety are high, with the effects being profound; the effects can be physical, social and psycho-emotional. Physical effects include muscle cramps, headaches, and even heart palpitations, as well as various body aches and pains.

Psycho-emotional effects include a dull in concentration, feelings of disorientation and even depression.

Socially, you will have strained relationships and poor interpersonal relationships. People suffering from anxiety avoid social contact to reduce the level of anxiety.

Management of Anxiety

There are different schools of thought when it comes to managing anxiety. Many therapists advocate for behavioural modifications such as relaxation training. These might be helpful, but they take time.

Another approach is addressing your thinking by observing your thoughts in an objective manner and trying to handle the causes of the anxiety. This helps you assume a particular mental position that connects to a mental state that causes anxiety.

Another solution is to use a Cannabidiol formulation, which has been known to work in both healthy persons as well as individuals suffering from anxiety disorders. It might be effective for panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Go ahead and visit this site to take a look at what the oil does and how to get the best.


Anxiety disorders make it hard for you to work, and affect the way you handle daily tasks, even relationships. Make sure you handle the disorders the right way.