Review of genuine leather minimalist wallets

The development of fashion never stops. Large wallets continue to lose grounds and slowly pass the lead position to the compact and minimalist solutions.  The development of bank industry and wire transfer system remove the necessity to have a cash and coins with yourself. The three-year research of minimalist wallets crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indigogo shows that in general, each company had collected at least fifty thousands of dollars of investment. Moreover, the most successful projects had collected ten times more.  There is no ideal minimalist and compact wallet. However, its idea became a challenge for the whole industry. You may not believe, but nowadays Stanford design institute has a master-class that is called Wallet Project.  In this post, you will find info about edgy models of minimalist wallets — stylish, good-looking and quality genuine leather wallets Kisetsu. Here you may find more:/

1. Aki Wallet.

This stylish genuine leather wallet has a card cage and a rubber for a cash holding. Its key advantage is instant access to the most important card. It is possible to put a credit card or a discount card for your favorite restaurant.  It is available in black, blue, gray,  brown and tanned colors.

2. Haru Wallet.

Supercompact wallet. This slim card holder minimalist wallet is capable of containing up to four-five cards, personalized pass and a few of note. Meanwhile, accessory stays to be unnoticed in the pocket of both jeans or shirt. It is necessary to mention the quality of the material – the real quality genuine leather. It is only available in black color. However, its manufacturer plans to widen the colors variety.

3. Natsu Wallet.

It is one of the smallest wallets that you have ever seen. It has only three millimeters thin. However, it is capable of holding up to five cards.  There is an opinion that the good mini-wallet does not need to be taken out from a hip-pocket of trousers and to spread on a table when you sit down to have dinner. At the expense of the thin profile, Natsu is imperceptible in a pocket of jeans. The elastic and firm genuine skin long keeps appearance.  It is available in six colors, so you will be able to choose the most relevant.

Attentively studying all purses provided on this article, it is possible to see that each of them is a peculiar point of balance between various needs of the end user. Today packs of cash and a pile of credit cards, therefore, the classical purses which are not located in a pocket hopelessly became outdated are not necessary.