Pros and Cons of Scheduling Tweets

Twitter and other social media platforms have provided a great stage for small businesses to market their brands and reach millions of users. To better make use of their time and spend less time online, most marketers have turned to scheduling and automation. There are plenty of automation tools available for Twitter and other platforms. However,  it’s good to take a peek at their features and how they operate before choosing one.

Most people rely on review sites to gauge the authenticity of these tools and there are numerous review sites as well. But even so, if you think you have come across the best reviews of automation tools, What about this one by Spire?. There, you will find the most detailed and informative reviews online. Back to twitter scheduling, it comes with a wealth of upsides and downsides as highlighted below.


Scheduling your tweets offers plenty of time to involve yourself in other important activities. To start with, you can use that time to engage with other users and get involved in discussions on Twitter. Additionally, you can also use that time to look for new and interesting content to share with your followers. Scheduling your tweets also allows you to address other areas of your business, especially if you run your own enterprise.

Scheduling ensures that there is consistent updating which is an essential factor on Twitter. Your account will remain active and with fresh content from time to time which improves visibility. On the other hand, it also strengthens your brand image as well as enhancing your Twitter presence.

By establishing the behavior of your followers on Twitter, you can schedule your tweets to appear when most of your target audience is active even if you are not online yourself. This allows your content to reach more people, thus increasing its exposure.


Scheduled tweets do not take into account things that are happening in real-time. You cannot anticipate what will be happening two days from now. So, assuming there is a tragic event unfolding, your scheduled tweet may seem inappropriate or misplaced based on whatever is trending at that particular time.

On the other hand, scheduling tweets based on the outcome of a pending event can make you look stupid. The most reliable player in your team may get injured or taken ill before the game, giving the opponents a huge advantage. It’s easy to forget about such tweets and you may end up looking like a dummy.


Scheduling tweets can free up time for other important activities. However, before you jump in, it’s important to consider both sides of the coin and see if the benefits outweigh the shortcoming.