Lip Shapes and What They Say

Fact is that you are born with facial features for a reason. Every feature that you have is linked to a part of your personality, and all work together to represent the person you are. Today we look at the shape of the lips and what they say about your personality, and how you can use lipstick applying tips from Lovely Lips to accentuate this.

Medium-Size Lips

Here, the lips are neither too thick nor too thin, and the Cupid’s bow (the one on the upper lip) does not have defined peaks. With such kind of lips, you tend to be even-keeled in your relationships. You do not go overboard when you get into a relationship, and you do not give too much. You are not clingy or too needy, but look for a sense of connection when it comes to relationships.

Fuller Upper Lip

A fuller upper lip shows that you are someone that loves drama in a relationship. You are needier and more selfish. So, look out for an upper lip that is fuller than the lower lip, and understand why you are called a drama queen.

However, the meaning is different when the upper lip is naturally fuller than the lower lip. This means that you are a giving person who is usually very concerned about the partner in the relationship and does everything for it to work out for you.

Fuller Lower Lip

An injected fuller lower lip means that you love being pampered. You are someone that likes enjoying life, and you seek out pleasure.

Full Upper and Lower Lips

This look correlates with the desire to be a mother someday, and it shows so much how you care about other people. You are giving, and you put others first, and you get great joy doing it.

You love having a circle of friends around you, and you have a great connection with other people. You also value relationships a lot.

Thin Upper and Lower Lips

This is a person who is conservative and who is ok with it. They are also good with relationships just like other personalities.

Lips with a Peaked Cupid’s bow

Persons with this lip shape tend to be good at communication and are open-minded and creative. They can also be very reactive and will not think before they say something.

All in all, regardless of the shape of the lip, you need to make the lipstick stand out and match your needs.