How to avoid a fake psychic: 4 tips

Like several other people, you must also have a plan to visit a psychic expert to know yourself better than you do at the moment. But before making the first move, you might also feel apprehensive about the right person to approach since there are many who pretend to be experts while they are not so actually. For more, see honest psychic source reviews.

So, in the crowd of fake psychics, how do you find out the genuine one who can really help you? Here are some tips to avoid the unscrupulous psychics who can cause you more emotional trouble than resolving it:

Asking your date of birth or star sign: If you meet a psychic, especially online, who instantly asks you your date of birth or star sign, then be careful. By asking the information, he/she is perhaps planning to check it through other sources and present the accumulated second-hand information back to you. So, it is always better to approach a psychic after doing enough homework on him and seeking feedback on his/her credentials.

Asking for your place of residence and status: It is easy for the fake psychics to give you generalized suggestion by knowing your place of residence and status. For people who reside in urban areas with a more or less similar socio-economic status, it is easier to suggest ways for the future by putting forward a generalized prescription. Especially if you haven’t seen these experts and are only dealing with them online, it becomes that much easier for them to cheat you.

If they are making fake promises: If a psychic is found to be trying to make you happy by saying things that you want to hear and also making a lot of promises to ‘bring back the good days’, he/she is not above suspicion. For a psychic’s job is not to make you satisfied with sugar-coated words but to show you ways to improve your inner self through analysis and reading. It is always easy to make people afraid about the unknown and influence them to do things to make selfish gains. If a psychic tries to influence you by means of warning you about some curse, take a step back and restart your mission to find a genuine psychic.

Too much self-publicity: Don’t fall for those who claim that they are world-famous psychic experts and have shown renowned personalities the way forward. These claims from someone about whom you haven’t heard much should make it logical enough to suspect his/her motives. Make enough background checking before approaching a psychic.