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Backlinks That Work in 2019 – The Winner is Guest Posts

I thought I’d reveal guest posts as the winner right away because why let you read a complete post to only figure it out when you reached the end of this post. Doesn’t make any sense if you ask me but it does make sense that guest posting is paying off.

Google has devalued all types of links from web directories to blog comments because they are no-follow most of the time that was an easy job for Google, but the same applies to low-quality article directories, social bookmarks, forum profile links and so on.

In this article, we will reveal some strategies that still work today.

1 Guest Posts Will Always Work

Although that are not my direct words, the people behind Content Hourlies said that and as I’ve used them a few time I have no trouble believing them.

Maybe it’s a little biased because they only offer the opportunity to guest post on sites that are in a good shape, strong, healthy and have a good amount of visitors from Google each month.

The only thing you want to avoid when guest posting is webmasters labeling your post as such because to quote Google:

Sponsored links should be made no-follow

Lol, what? Paying hundreds of dollars for a post with a no-follow link. I don’t think so. So webmasters didn’t have much of a choice, if they want to get paid they have to follow our rules and not Google’s rules so soon they stopped tagging it with words like ‘sponsored’, ‘guest post’, and so on or else no one would be buying links from them.

2 Curated Links Don’t Cease to Work

You must have heard about link insertions, niche edits or curated links by now. It’s a link published into an existing post on a website. This can be a post that’s 10 years old but it can also be a post that was published yesterday.

The benefit is that you get a link on a page that hopefully already ranks in Google, so you can siphon off the traffic. Now, webmasters aren’t crazy also so they know exactly which pages they don’t want to insert links in so getting traffic is a little hard but you will obviously benefit from the tremendous value it provides.

Especially nowadays when everyone is performing content upgrades and what not to increase the performance of their site, so from that point of view it’s totally legit to add a link to an existing post. That is if they write an additional paragraph of text as well of course, or if it serves as a replacement for another link.

3 Donation & Scholarship Backkinks

Although this method has been flagged by some as not working anymore that’s not entirely true. You just need to find the right pages that don’t have hundreds of donators or scholarship offers listed.

These links can provide you with an awful lot of strength that flows to your site and the links are nearly always do-follow, you can check that yourself btw. Sometimes that’s all you need to rank higher, a few very powerful links that break your usual link pattern.

Just make sure don’t over do it as it does appear rather spammy.

4 Private Blog Network Links

Ha, you thought private blog network links were dead? Well, think again because I still see tons of sites ranking with those links that Google wants to get rid off.

Google has done a lot of work to make these links as unpopular as possible and even devalued some of these networks, which one is hard to find out really as no one knows except for the algorithm that looks for certain characteristics or perhaps the manual reviewers are still responsible for this. Hard to say.

We can show you sites that half of their links from rather obvious blog networks that are totally dominating their niche. So long for SEO is dead.

5 Resource Pages / Our Partners

You see this often in the main navigation bar, with the labels: resource, link partners, friends, you name it. As long as it’s maintained on a regular base and not just a bunch of links without a description it can work pretty well.

If you plan to add such page to your own site (I don’t recommend it really because why would you even do such a silly thing), do make sure you add detailed descriptions of the sites you are linking to and make sure they are unique.

Otherwise, Google might think you are into the link selling business.

Summing It Up

There you have it, five incredibly effective link building strategies that most people aren’t utilizing enough. Say goodbye to what worked in 2010 and embrace with 2020 has to bring.

You’re welcome!